A Brief Story about Pacific Star Group Educational Foundation


Most of the children lead a carefree life; all they have to do is go to schools and finish their assignments on time. However, this simplicity is a dream for some kids – who come from impoverished families, whose families suddenly meet misfortune or whose parents are involuntarily unemployed.        

As the first AEO certified freight forwarder company in Taiwan, Pacific Star Group is also a leader in getting involved in corporate social responsibility. In 15th February 2011, there was a piece of news on China Times front page: A kid from an impoverished family stole some watercolor and painters from a stationery store. When sent to the police station, this little girl refused to say anything – she just did not want her dad to know and make him worried.” This happened after the celebration of Chinese Lunar New Year and the new semester just began. Many kinds of sad things do happen every day, and these news reports made the Founder of Pacific Star Express Corp. and Pacific Concord International Ltd., Dr. Kuang Lin, decide to initiate “Annually Supporting 1000 Children in Need” project, which is executed by Pacific Star Group Educational Foundation. He wants to alleviate the phenomenon of “one country, two worlds” gradually. 
This project kicked off in 2011, its mission is to take care of those children in need and to make them feel the warmth from the society. Staff members from Pacific Star Express Corp. and Pacific Concord International Ltd. support 500 kids, benevolent people from the society aid the other 500; if there are still some quota left, Dr. Lin will take care of the rest. These 1000 children receive NTD 500 per month, 8 months (for 2 semesters) in total annually.    

In 2012, there were 363 elementary schools’ applications approved. The subsidy amount was NTD 3,156,000, (approx. USD 107,000) and 789 children from 11 counties in total. In 2013, the subsidy amount increased 5%, reaching to NTD 3,308,000 (approx. USD 112,000), and 827 children from 13 counties were benefited from this project.     

Let’s provide a sound and caring environment to every kid in Taiwan together! Pacific Star Group Educational Foundation appreciates your substantial support; we hope to see more benevolent individuals join us in 2014, assisting us to support more kids in need year after year! 

Please contact Mr. Dennis Lin for more information, thank you!
TEL: 886-2-8161-1588 #1468
Email: psg_edu@pacificstargroup.com.tw